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Woodland Christian Camp, Inc. was established in 1969 as a non-profit ministry of Christian Camping and is sponsored by a group of Christian Churches in Georgia and Alabama. The legacy of Woodland's leaders cast a vision of excellence in facilities and programming. From that beginning, Woodland has grown into a multifaceted ministry, four camps on one 120 acre site, a challenge ropes course, and a popular retreat location for many different types of groups. Over 11,000 people a year enjoy the unique facilities of Woodland.

Woodland Christian Camp & Retreat Center
90 Woodland Camp Rd.
Temple, GA 30179
Phone: (770) 562-3103

**Weapons of any kind (including but not limited to lighters, fireworks, firearms, and knives), illegal drugs, recreational vehicles (skateboards, hoverboards, rollerblades, scooters, or bicycles), are strictly PROHIBITED!

**Personal musical instruments may only be brought if there is sufficient room in the charter bus to accommodate them. 5979 is not liable for damage, loss, or theft if these instruments are brought.

You can view the Camp and additional information about it at the following link:


Camp begins on SUNDAY, June 10, and parents are responsible for dropping off their teens at the church starting at 2 pm!!! We will be leaving at 3:30 pm on SUNDAY, and we will be returning from Camp on Friday, June 15 at approximately 12:30 pm!!!


If you are NOT paying via credit card, give your cash or check to Pastor Tony or place it in his box.

The link to the church's kiosk if you want to pay via credit card is
If this is your first time making a payment to the church online, you will need to create an account (which is free) to sign in. Otherwise, just sign in with your regular information.
Make your payment in the category YOUTH CAMP, and make sure that you put your child's name with the payment!!!

There are 2 separate waivers all students needs to complete. (Leaders only need to complete the Woodland Waiver!)

You can complete 5979's Release Form/Waiver online at the following link:

Woodland's Waiver can be completed at the following link:

You will NOT need to print out the waivers if you do them online since we will receive an email when it is completed. If you wish to print and sign them instead, please place it in Pastor Tony's mailbox at the church.


1) EARLY BIRD ($349) –through April 1st, 2018

Use Code "EARLY BIRD" when registering to receive discount!

*In order to have the Early Bird, you must have camp paid IN FULL by April 1st! Otherwise, you WILL be bumped into the Regular Registration price of $399.

2) REGULAR REGISTRATION ($399) – April 2 – June 3, 2017

*The $399 is due IN FULL by June 3! There is still a $50 nonrefundable deposit included in this amount, if for any reason the student does not go to camp or the full amount wasn’t reached.

*Please also note that if a student cannot make it to camp after paying, the initial $50 deposit will be transferred to another student – it is NON-REFUNDABLE!

3) 2 CHILD DISCOUNT ($773) if paid between April 2 – June 3, 2018

Use Code "2 KID" when registering to receive discount!

with the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ($673) if paid before April 2nd, 2018

Use Code "EARLY 2" when registering to receive discount!

*$125 NON-refundable deposit

3) 3 CHILD DISCOUNT ($1,122) if paid between April 2 – June 3, 2017

Use Code "3 KID" when registering to receive discount!

with the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ($972) if paid before April 2nd, 2017

Use Code "EARLY 3" when registering to receive discount!

*$150 NON-refundable deposit

What Does My Payment Cover?

  • Campground Cost – Lodging, Food (3 meals/day), Activity Equipment (i.e. basketball court, volleyball court, swimming pool, etc.) and Meeting Rooms.

  • Transportation -This will cover our buses, the gas, mileage and drivers.

  • Camp Speakers

  • Activities - This includes all day games, some of the free time activities, and night activities, including the themed party.


-Bible & journal

-Sleeping Bag or twin bed sheets, blanket and pillow
*Extra layers if get cold easily

-Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, towels, washcloth, deodorant, blow dryers, flip flops, etc.)

-Insect repellant

-Appropriate and modest clothing, trash bags for wet/dry clothes.

-Girls – No tank tops that show bra or bra straps. NO spaghetti straps or halter tops. Shorts must reach below your fingertips. No shirts that show cleavage or midriff. Full piece swimsuits or tankini’s that cover midriff. If
you choose to wear a bikini, you must wear a dark-colored cover-up while swimming. No white shirts or white
cover-ups please.

-Guys –Swim trunks, please (no speedos!). All pants/shorts need to cover underwear/boxers.

-NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES - Cell Phones, DVD players, Ipods, etc. – Please leave these at home; the staff WILL confiscate them! Note: ALL youth will have access to any leaders’ cell phone for emergencies.

-MEDICATIONS- Prescribed medication must be given to the nurse before departure


-Pastor Stephan Lorenz: 770-912-8149

-Pastor Michiliene Lorenz: 770-873-5464

-Pastor Tony Grosse: 404-468-2832

-Mr. Aaron Leonardy: 678-982-2775

-Pastor Daniel Ridore: 732-688-3284

Camp Life:
Teams Games
*We will divide the youth up into 10 teams where they will play various games throughout the campground.

Night Activities
*We will have several night activities that will change each night. These will include activities such as
outdoor games, movie night, party, etc. One night, there will be a party, and we highly encourage our teens to dress up for the party night! The theme is “Around the World” so represent any of the world's cultures in your outfit!

Free Time
*We have about 3 hours of free time every day at camp where teens can participate in the following:

-Lake Time- Canoes / Paddle Boats & fishing

-Swimming (pool)

-Basketball Court & Beach Volleyball

-Sports Events (i.e. Flag football, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, etc.)

-NEW 2-line Zip Wire

-Ropes Course

-Giant Swing

-Rock-climbing Wall

-Carpetball / Gaga Ball / 9 Square in the Air / Traverse Wall / Spikeball, Ping Pong, Foosball, etc.

Spending Money (Not Required but Recommended)
-Camp Store – open during free time & after services; they sell various items from camp t-shirts to ice cream, nachos, and energy drinks, ranging from around $2-$20

Not On Sale

Attendee Types

  • $399 – Student Sold Out
  • $0 – Leader Full
  • $0 – Staff/Speakers 1 remaining
  • $399 – Students Seeking Scholarship Sold Out
Not On Sale